Friday, July 25, 2008

SDCC- 24:1

What does the title ratio refer to I hear you ask? Well, it means that, after one day, I can safely proclaim that so far, for every one hour spent awake and active in San Diego, twentyfour incredible things have happened to us!

From getting amazing sketches for free, to meeting the most incredible people face-to-face, to just constantly talking to nice, genuine locals always happy to help dazed looking strangers, this trip has been nothing short of spectacular!! And I haven't even gotten to the part where we not only attended Video Games Live (front row seats, dead centre!), but also got to meet the creators and chat to them and the various special guests in the VIP area!! Or that on the way back, we actually met and talked to Ryan and Dorkman of Ryan Vrs Dorkman 1 and 2!! Amazing, nice, cool guys.

Typing on Claire's new tiny laptop is going to take some more getting used to, thus the lack of links, or any of my usual touches. I'll try to update properly soon, with photos! Oh, so many photos!!

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