Sunday, July 27, 2008

SDCC- The Good Times Don't End

Let me update you guys on some of the stuff we've done or seen so far!

  • The sketch-book I brought over for the entire trip, including all the amazing people I'm sure I'll meet at PAX, is, with a day still to go in Comic Con, full. Completely! And I can't find a suitable replacement for tomorrow.
  • We have already met and held conversations with, among others, Seth Green, Breckin Meyer, Jackson Publick, Ben TenNapel, Gabe and Tyco, Peter David, Orson Scott Card, Raymond E. Feist, Larry Hama, Wil Wheaton, Rob Liefeld, Greg Pak and countless more I'll try to mention once I'm not using a tiny keyboard and touch pad instead of a mouse. We've met and got autographs or more from Hideo Kojima, Gerard Way, James Stewart & Gabriel Ba, as well as many more.
  • I've bought way to many books already!
  • I'm very proud of how few action figures I've bought!
  • We have, so far, attended a total of one panel, and even then, it was because we met the guys it was all about outside and spent ages talking to them... also, it was the Marvel/Hasbro Action Figure Panel... so, you know. Some interest there...
  • We have met and exchanged email address' with the most incredible people, making friends with folks from all over the world!
  • So many photos. So, so many photos.
  • San Diego is beautiful and friendly.
  • My feet hurt.
  • Good (or even passable) tea does not seem to exist here.
  • Everyone wants to visit Ireland, particularly the writers and artists.
  • Dear Joss Whedon: You are awesome. You are a funny guy, and seem very natural and honest. But I am not willing to queue for six hours just to sit in a room with 6,000 others and listen to you talk. Sorry. There are far to many things to do at SDCC than to make that worth considering.
  • Claire got a drawing of herself by Yoshitaka Amano! It is as incredible as you think it could be, and more. She nearly cried. He drew it without prompt. Apparently he liked the hat she was wearing.
  • By 1pm, sitting down for ten minutes becomes more important that seeing the next line of writers or artists.
  • Skype is a wonderful invention.
  • People recognised and complimented me on my t-shirt (which is meaningless to most readers until I post pictures!!)

More updates soon, but nothing detailed until I have a real keyboard with a mouse. Also, photos may take a little while, but I have lots!! And no Picasa to run them through.

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David said...

No real tea!! how did Claire survive?

Eau the humanity!