Friday, April 18, 2008

I Wee When I Get Excited

When I get all excited about something, I clench my fists, shake them side-to-side, and screech "weeeee" through a huge grin that spreads from ear to ear. Rather like Wallace I suppose. When I get really excited, the screech becomes audible to dogs and kids that can still register that annoying mosquito sound places use to disband hoards of emo and goth kids. What...? You thought the title meant something different?

At the moment, any time I think about my Spirit of the Century game, I find myself shaking and screeching. A lot. Looking back on the last few weeks, things have been going far better than I could ever have hoped (I'm a little behind in my summaries, but hope to post new ones soon), with everyone now rushing head-long towards the endgame. Looking forward, plots seem to be jumping out at me, coming together with very little effort, tying directly into player characters backgrounds. Next Tuesdays scenario was particularly fun to research. (Ack! Just now, even writing that last sentence, I let out a little screech!) Of course, I can't go in to detail now, as some of my players do read my blog occasionally, and I'd hate to spoil anything.

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