Sunday, October 07, 2007

Overheard On....


me: How is the jaw? Feeling better yet?
Wrong chat box.
My other friend had her wisdom teeth removed earlier this week!
Sinead: what the fuck was that
me: Sorry.
It reads like I'm implying something!
Domestic Violence.
And now our chat has turned up on some Federal Computer.
Sinead: look natural
weather huh, howbout that
me: All I need do now is mention terrorist, bombing, and Islam and this is being read by a top NSA agent!
Sinead: shit thats like mentioning anthrax
me: Or smallpox.
Sinead: or warcraft suxs
she knows!!!!
me: EEp!
Sinead: she knows i said it!!!!11
me: Already under the table.
Sinead: i got to go, im scared, chat later when its safe, delete delete delete
Of course, you know now this page has been tagged! Just by reading this you've placed yourself on a list! Ha! Suckers!!

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