Friday, March 16, 2007

Assistance Required

Does anyone know if you can do static pages on Blogger? I want to do stuff that won't immediately appear on the blog, but that I can link to from the sidebar or with in a post. Mainly I want it for doing short stories, or so that only the first few paragraphs of a particularly long post will show up, and you can click on if you're interested.

As always, any help is appreciated.


Cian said...

By far the most practical solution I can think of is two blogs. Have one for your short story that has the full long post, then on this one just have the abstract and a link to the full story.

I have an idea about how to do it in HTML that should work with the blogger platform. The method I'm thinking of should be relatively simple but it won't neccessarily work and if it doesn't then it'll take a good bit of research to find the proper way of doing it. I'll think about it and let you know if it works.


Denis said...

Yeah. Kinda like what I have planned for my webcomic idea. It works. Sorta. Not exactly what I had in mind, though, as comments posted on the full post would be on the "wrong" blog, if you get my meaning.

Jp said...

Is this any use to you?

I know LiveJournal had something like this so I suspected Blogger must have too.

This way you could have a short post, with what looks like a link in it. When they click the link, they see the whole post - story included.

It's not ideal though - it has some problems.

Jp said...

Oh - the method mentioned as an alternative in the link I posted above might actually be a better solution.

Again it has some drawbacks, so it may not suit you either.

The problem with either approach seems to be a lack of ability to apply it to posts selectively - they both affect ALL posts.

Cian said...

The stuff JP linked too is basically what I was thinking of, I just wan't sure if it'd work with SPAN tags. Fun times.

We can tweak what JP linked to a little so that you can control when you use the method and how much of the post is toggleable. I tried to post the modification here but Blogger spat it back, it didn't like the taste of my HTML so I've e-mailed it to you. I can't wait to see if it works. Speaking of lab rats . . .