Sunday, July 09, 2006

I'm Back

Wow! What a weekend. Bonfires, comedy troupes, Beer Pong, music, burgers, pancakes, late nights, later mornings, rain, cat, dogs and drunk humans. It had it all. Some highlights included:

  • The picture to the left here.

  • Flames arcing 15 feet up into the sky from a stack of sticks and stuff 8 feet high!

  • The food. The lovely, lovely food. So much meat!

  • The awesome performance of the truely great Snatch comedy group. They were incredible, and kept us laughing even after the show. I was very glad to see them really get into the groove of things after the show and mix well with the crowd. Joining in, and even winning a few rounds of Beer Pong (or Saliva Ball as it grew to be know... don't ask) and adding their own art to the wall. Great.

  • And of course far too much more to mention them all here. But you'll get a bit of everything from the video diary I'm putting together. I'll post highlights here once it's done.

    I'm tired now. And I have so many pictures to post to Flickr. More later!


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