Friday, November 25, 2011

From BC To QC

Today we said good-bye to the first two friends we made on arrival in Vancouver.

Before we made the actual trip, we asked in the internet for tips about moving to the area. We used the best online forum community, RPG.Net to put the word out, and got loads of helpful advice and suggestions.

One user in particular informed us he was from Galway. He and his Canadian wife were living in Vancouver, and offered not only to show us around, but also to put us up for a while. At the time, we had already booked some time in a hostel, but happily did crash with them for several nights afterwords.

They recommended areas that were nice and things to look out for.

They made two Irish people very far from home feel welcome.

Tomorrow they travel across the continent to her parents in Quebec.

Claire and I will both miss them dearly.

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