Sunday, August 23, 2009


A clichéd beginning, but I was chatting to friend over coffee in town just the other day, when the conversation moved to the subject of zombies. Yeah, my posts never stay clichéd for long.

Talk ranged from The Walking Dead, both the comic and the upcoming series, to the millions of movies, included the role playing game All Flesh Must Be Eaten, as well as the board game Zombies!!!, but tragically missed out on Zombie Fluxx, an omission I am deeply upset by.

Anyway, it got us talking on the subject of Zombie Flash-mobs, such as the one Claire and I were at while visiting Karen in San Fransisco. And very quickly, our little group huddled around a coffee shop table enjoying a breif spell of fine weather decided to run our own one. Here's the plan.

This Halloween night falls rather conveniently on a Saturday, allowing all you grown up kids out there to get all dressed up and go out drinking, without worry of work in the morning. We were thinking that we could turn this years Halloween festival into Corks biggest zombie mob event, and just the start of something special. Hopefully, people will show up to a set location, dressed in standard Halloween affair, but zombiefied!

Being Halloween, even if we only get ten people to turn up, we'll be cool! It's Halloween. We'll just be a big, themed group! But if we get more, it'll be awesome! It'll show that there is enough interest that we might get it done independently. It could be done at some time removed from Halloween. Which is the ultimate goal. Cities in America have zombie walks every six to eight months. It would be awesome if we could get just one run next year during what passes for a summer in this country.

So start spreading the word. Get people interested. Get excited. It doesn't take much work at all to be a zombie. Having seen the mob on show in SF, zombie costumes can range from torn clothes, latex ripped skin, prosthetics and lashings of blood, to simple effects like just some white face paint with a fraction of green mixed in for a very Romero effect. And of course, if you really want to be minimalist, just dress in some old clothes and put a duct tape X across your chest and let the other zombies do all the work! An X marks you as a "willing" victim, and guarantees you'll get attacked and covered in blood.

But facts like that are another post. For now, I'm just getting the word out there, to see who's interested. Anyone?

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