Sunday, November 06, 2016

To Prove Old England's Overthrow

Remember, remember the Fifth of November,
The Gunpowder Treason and Plot,
I know of no reason
Why Gunpowder Treason
Should ever be forgot.

Guy Fawkes, Guy Fawkes, t'was his intent
To blow up King and Parliament.
Three-score barrels of powder below
To prove old England's overthrow;
By God's providence he was catch'd
With a dark lantern and burning match.
Holloa boys, holloa boys, let the bells ring.
Holloa boys, holloa boys, God save the King!

I really missed the ball on this one. I mean, technically it is still the fifth here in Canada, but still. It's a bit late.

Then again, it would be a shame to miss this entirely on the eve of the US elections, when their own parliament might be about to burn to the ground.

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