Sunday, March 28, 2010

Slow Blogging

After a fantastic four posts in the first half of January, I've let this lovely project slid somewhat, despite having a lot to say now and then. I like my blog, and I'm proud of having lasted this long, but I've never had the same level of posting as I did in my first year.

I'd love to say I've been a busy, busy boy, but mostly I've been playing Xbox and sitting around complaining of just how bored I am! Kinda seems like the answer to the later is to post more often, but I find myself suffering from a surprising level of apathy around the times when I'm most bored! Well... not so surprising when you think about it.

Anyway. The coming week is going to see a lot of boredom in my life. School has started their two week Easter holiday, meaning I am ungainfully unemployed for the majority of that time. Thankfully, the preschool is going to run an Easter camp for the next three days, so at least I'll have that. But even then, it's only for the morning. Which means from 1pm Monday to Wednesday, I'm going to be free. Which, in turn, means after 1pm Monday to Wednesday I'm going to be incredibly bored. I dread to even think about the remainder of the two week break.

At least I'll be home in Tipp for some of it.

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