Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cork: Home

As most of you know, we've actually been back in Cork now for two weeks, so this is a very late post! In fact, the only reason you're getting it at all was because I'm sitting here waiting for the DownLoadable Content (DLC) for Burnout Paradise to finish downloading so I can crash some motorbikes! The Mercenaries 2 and Fracture demos are up as well, and they're queued right after the Burnout DLC.

Oop! There's the bing. I'm outta here already. More updates, with actual content, soon!

Edit: AAAAAAAHHHHH!! Through no fault of anyones, my copy of Burnout is in a friends house still after the holiday. Am I upset? Heh. No. Not really. I find it kinda funny, actually. I've been to his place since we got back, he's been to mine as well. It just never came up. I guarantee that he hasn't even played it much in the last few weeks. Oh well. Bikes tomorrow. Blogging now.


Jason C said...

I just got the bike DLC, if you're ever up for some challenges or races online, give me a shout.
Gamertag : Dochtuir

Bob said...

Oi Denis, I resemble that comment! And those bikes are sweeet!

Vuirneen said...

Link to flickr is right there. If only this hotel had real internet speed.