Monday, October 16, 2006

Oh For Crying Out Loud

I gave you guys the benefit of the doubt when I last complained about the PS3 and Sony, but their new advertising campaign is just ridiculous. Not only does it portray Sony as child abductors using sweet flying "3"s, but come on!! We have all agreed that the PS3 is not a childs console.

$700 people!

Seven Hundred!

And that price, evidently, is because of all those "neato" features no-one that ad is aimed at cares about.

I know the machine can do everything but make you dinner (though if the Nintendo DS cooking game really takes off, who knows!!), but children only see and want a games console. Free from Santa too. With Christmas around the corner, cost is not an issue. It's not like your parents have to pay for the damn thing.



Jp said...

I do aggree with you, on everything but the Santa point. Kids are absolutely going to want these for Christmas regardless of price, but any kid old enough to want a games console is already beginning to doubt Santa if you ask me.

Pretty much all the kids I grew up with had busted Santa by age 4 or 5. Kids are different these days, but not many are more innocent. Maybe more gullible though.

But as far as anything to do with your actual point is concerned, I'd tend to agree with you. :)

Denis said...

What!?! Are you serious? 4 or 5? Must be a living in the city kinda thing. Or maybe I was just a gullible child. I didn't even suspect until I was 10ish, but kept my mouth shut for another year or so. I figured if it was true, and parents knew, knowing means no cool toys, cause parents don't get cool toys.

Wow. 5. I hope my own kids enjoy the magic (and lies) a while longer. I'd hate to think I only have 5 years max to enjoy coming down at 6am Christmas morning and seeing the look of wonder and amazement on their faces. Urg. Now I'm depressed.

Jp said...

I don't know if it's a city thing - but it in my experience it seemed to be a school thing. When the kids start going to school and socialising with other kids. It's when they put their heads together and start comparing notes I reckon.

Now there were, of course, kids I knew who believed for longer but I don't think any of them made it past 7 or so.